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Date: 8/25/2007

These are when the bike was brand new in August of 2007, it's got less than 10 miles on it
Left Side New Rear New Right New Front New

5/2008 These are from May 2008, it's just rolled over 2500 miles.

Front @ 2500 Left @ 2500 Right @ 2500 Rear @ 2500

The 650 single of the S40 (or Suzuki Savage) is tuned very lean so it can make emissions testing. One of the issues that arises this is the pipe turns very blue unless the carb is rejetted. On mine, it's still stock and there's a little blueing of the pipe but not that much:

Blueing on Pipe Blueing on Pipe Closeup

Date: 7/11/2008

I've now ridden it over 3,000 miles. Here's the momentous occasion: 3000 Miles

Date: 8/25/2008

It's a year old today! Happy birthday to my S40! It's now got about 4160 miles on it.
Front One Year Right One Year Rear One Year Left One Year

Date: 8/25/2009

It's now been 2 years and 8350+ glorious miles. I kick myself for not getting a bike earlier on so I could enjoy myself more.
Front Two Years Front Two Years Rear Two Years Left Two Years

The bike's fuel system is still 100% original but there's still not much more blueing on the pipe, it's more of a golden color and has stayed that way since 2500 miles or so. There's now a brown patch on the pipe just behind the head shield though.

Pipe Blueing Brown Patch

It still has the OEM IRCs on it but they're getting thin:

Front Tire Rear Tire

Since one of the reasons I bought the bike was because of the increasing costs of gas, I've kept track of the gas mileage it gets since it was new. The only thing missing from the total I've spent riding the bike is the $129 I spent for a 600 mile service.

I've switched to using fuelly.com to keep track since the spreadsheet was becoming too cumbersome. Here's my badge: